Since 2019, we have graduated over 70 diverse and passionate food entrepreneurs. 

We would love for you to meet some of them.

Food business is worlds apart from any other industry, and there are a lot of things that I learned here that would be impossible to have known otherwise. If I didn't join FoodLab I am confident I would have failed. The gold of FoodLab is the people and their generosity.


Justine's Story

Artisan and Founder - IndigiBites

“To me, IndigiBites is much more than a food business, it’s a personal journey. I found out I was Indigenous at the age of 16 but I never learned about my own culture at the time. When I became homeless 11 years ago with my four-year-old daughter, I turned to The Big Issue and Two Good Co where I regained my confidence, and in 2019 I found out about FoodLab Sydney. That’s when I started to really discover my Indigenous heritage and find healing through food.


Having grown up in Palawa (Tasmania), right underneath Kunanyi (Mount Wellington), my life was scattered with vivid images of living off the land. From our daily fishing trips off Bruny Island, to making bush bread with mum on camping trips. I want people in Sydney to experience that same nourishment I felt as a kid.


FoodLab Sydney has given me the confidence not just to launch my dream business but to think bigger and broader. I now not only sell my native bush bites to local cafes and cater events, but I am also mentoring in the program and sharing my knowledge with the new cohorts.”

Mark's Story

Cofounder - Dilectio Gourmet

"Converting from an IT geek into the food sector is not the most obvious transition. But when I started to realise that I could indeed live without laptops and phones but not cheese, that’s how Dilectio started. Our mission is to empower people to live a compassionate life with new food choices. We set a new standard, without sacrifice, to create the most flavourful plant-based cheeses we can imagine.


I found out about FoodLab Sydney through a mentor. The program was such a fun start into the food industry. It was great to meet new friends and network with all of the guest speakers and mentors. That’s my favourite part of FoodLab. Let’s face it, you don’t have to be a Michelin Star chef to make it these days, but you will need a good network around you.


Dilectio has grown from strength to strength – we now stock our products in Harris Farm and several IGA chains across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Every day still brings new challenges and we keep pushing forward with a smile."