The Taster Program

A two-week workshop series that welcomes food entrepreneurs into the FoodLab network and lays the foundation of food business.

What is the Taster Program? 

The Taster Program is a two-day workshop series spread over two weeks, aimed at providing entrepreneurs in the FoodLab network with a baseline understanding of the foundations of food business. 

The taster program is ideal for those who are:

  • interested in starting their own food business one day and have no idea where to start

  • working on an existing food business and want to grow and scale their operations

  • feeling isolated or lonely in their journey into food entrepreneurship and want to find a like-minded community to grow with

  • struggling to find food business support and resources in the one place 

  • wanting to discover whether the Full Program is the right fit for them without the big commitment.


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What to expect

The Taster Program is made up of two workshops split over two weeks, held in-person at Pocket City Farm. Find community and an introduction to food entrepreneurship.

Masterclasses with an Expert

Facilitated by an experienced food business trainer that has tailored a series of practical, hands-on workshops.

Practical Tools and Resources

Access to a suite of videos, worksheets, templates and checklists that can be accessed even after course completion.


Join a diverse and passionate community of food entrepreneurs and share your own skills and knowledge.  

Guest Speakers from Industry

Learn from successful local food business owners and professionals who have done it all before.

Software and Testing

Start selling and testing your concept with access to the right tools and software. 

Graduate Benefits

Receive concession prices on future FoodLab events and receive additional future opportunities and event invitations.

We work through the basics with you...


It may be surprising to hear that 50% of startups will fail within three years of operation. We work through the key reasons for food business failure and adopt a completely new entrepreneurial mindset together.

Developing Good Business Ideas

It's easy to think of a food business idea, but developing good food business ideas that are desirable, viable and feasible are difficult to come by. We explore how to develop an amazing idea through a critical, strategic, human-centric lens using principles of Design Thinking.

Market Research Basics

This is the part of food business that most people do not do. It is also the reason why so many food businesses fail. We teach practical, grounded strategies that help food entrepreneurs become experts in their fields.  

MVP and Testing

We teach an innovative entrepreneurial testing strategy called the minimum viable product, applied to the highly regulated food sector, which enables food entrepreneurs to learn fast to fail less using less money.

Standing Out

Food is a busy industry. Through the arts of storytelling, gastronomy, connoisseurship, and sensory analysis we pull apart the value propositions unique to the food sector and learn how to apply them to a food business.


The best thing about FoodLab is the grassroots nature of the program. A passion to create something new and be part of Sydney's evolving food scene is the main criteria.

We were spoiled with a flow of successful food business leaders who shared their time with us, telling stories of overcoming their own challenges along the way to success.

It truly is a supportive environment that is practically focused on making my dream food business come true.

Mark, Founder of Dilectio Gourmet

I am so proud to have created a food business that introduces my own kids to my culture. FoodLab has just been a course that was so very relevant to what I'm doing. I've been through another course before and I didn't find it helpful. Whereas FoodLab has been spot on for me.

I've really appreciated the depth of knowledge and inspiration from the mentors. It helped me get through some really difficult times this year and I love that we get to stay in this community ongoing.

Zona, Founder of Thorny Fruit Co

On Monday I start work as a pastry chef. 

I am very happy and excited. I want to thank FoodLab for everything. FoodLab has helped me get this job because of the good training and mentoring I have found here. 


I have been working in a job for a long time that I have not liked but not confident enough in English to pursue my dream as a pastry chef. This program has helped me move closer to this step. Thank you for the good mentoring.

Yong, Chef at Wholegreen Bakery

I loved every minute of the course at FoodLab Sydney. It gave me and is still giving me a lot of insights, practical tips and much-needed mentoring as I grow my market garden.

With FoodLab Sydney’s guidance, I learned about highlighting the value and uniqueness of healthy and sustainable produce compared to items bought in supermarkets.

The FoodLab course also helped me identify the different potential markets – which are the most suitable and most appropriate for my growing market garden and how to bring my customers into the journey.

Sarah, Founder of Popes Produce

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Host a Taster Program in your local community.

Sydney is big. NSW is bigger. We invite you to help us make FoodLab more local to your region. If you find 10 or more people in your area who want to take part in the program, we'll try to host the program locally.


Applications are currently open for our next program with limited spaces available. Register now!

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