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Jamie Loveday

About the Director

Jamie Loveday helped establish the FoodLab program in collaboration with the team and the local food business community in 2019. He now manages FoodLab's program, kitchen and strategic growth as a social enterprise.

As a third-generation migrant from grandparents that fled the second world war, Jamie was incredibly lucky to grow up in a peaceful household - a permaculture kid experimenting with vegetables in the backyard. When his grandmother gave him $50 on his 18th birthday, he went straight to his local nursery to buy an orange tree. His love for food and cooking comingled through the joy of growing his own food.


Jamie grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, with his parents running a family business. He pursued a Bachelor of Commerce (Hns Class I) and studied a thesis on grassroots entrepreneurship in developing contexts whilst working as a farmhand in rural Cambodia.


Jamie managed the University of Sydney Business School’s entrepreneurship program (Genesis) and has worked for a number of social enterprises and non-profit organisations (Opportunity International, Unkya, 40K). Jamie has since supported hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world and found his lifelong passion at FoodLab Sydney.

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