Who we are

FoodLab Sydney is a not-for-profit food business incubator working to create equal opportunity for all food entrepreneurs, no matter their background.

Our programs and events empower and equip food entrepreneurs in their food business journey through:

  • practical workshops

  • mentorship

  • cohort-based learning

  • networking

  • testing strategies

  • work placements

  • market opportunities

We launched in 2019, inspired and based upon the original FoodLab model in Detroit, a globally recognised intervention in addressing food security, social justice, food justice, and grassroots food entrepreneurship. With support from the University of Sydney, the City of Sydney, FoodLab Detroit, and many other partnerships and collaborations we have since have graduated over 70 diverse and passionate food entrepreneurs from all over greater Sydney. 

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Our team lives and breathes food and community.

Our Values

FoodLab Sydney is part of a bigger movement. We have deep roots in FoodLab Detroit: a story of grassroots entrepreneurship, locally grown food, and triple bottom line food businesses from which many of our values have been inherited.


Grow Our Community

Those within the FoodLab family do not get left behind. We seek to create and share resources in a culture of openness. We acknowledge the importance of taking care of ourselves, each other, and the broader public good.

Think In Systems

While we are focused on Sydney-based food businesses, we recognise we are a part of a local, regional, national, and international food system. We see that issues in our food system are complex and multidimensional, which requires us to pay attention to how things are connected.

Actively Cultivate Diversity

We work to develop a diverse community that includes food businesses of different types and scales, as well as the age, culture, and ethnicity of food business entrepreneurs. We believe diversity is an essential part of any just and resilient food system.

Be Humble To Be Great

There is no pecking order here. Be it an entrepreneur, mentor, facilitator, hobbyist, everyone brings different lived experiences and working knowledge to the table. We insist that we don’t have all the answers as individual businesses or as a collective.

Work With Nature

We acknowledge and respect our earth’s physical, chemical, and biological systems and embrace ecological stewardship with the land on which we live, work, and eat, as our Aboriginal communities have done for thousands of years.

Measure Our Sucess

We measure our growth by the things that are important to us - knowledge and wisdom, sustainability and earth health, increasing quality of life (including awareness, joy, zest, purpose, fulfillment) creativity, relationships and general health - rather than just financial goals.

Food As Inspiration

For us, food is more than just food - it’s a tangible, joyful, creative way to promote a healthier, just, resilient world.

Since 2019 we have supported over 70 diverse and passionate food entrepreneurs.
Program Supporters
Sydney Environment Institute
City of Sydney