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FoodLab's Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (Policy) applies to all of FoodLab Sydney Ltd (FoodLab). It sets out FoodLab’s policy on the management of personal information. To lay out the simple definitions first, Personal information is any sort of information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable, whether true or not (Personal Information). A sub-category of Personal Information is sensitive information. Sensitive information includes information of a particularly sensitive nature, including information relating to an individual’s health (physical and mental) and genetics and information about an individual’s racial or ethnic origins, political opinions, membership of a trade union or political association, religious beliefs or affiliations, philosophical beliefs, sexual preferences or criminal record (Sensitive Information).


This Policy does not apply to FoodLab’s employee records and is subject to a separate Policy to ensure privacy is maintained in accordance with applicable privacy laws.


If after reviewing this policy, if you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact our team by email at

Management of Personal Information

FoodLab is committed to ensuring that it is open and transparent about the way it manages Personal Information. Set out in this Privacy Policy is the following important information regarding our management of your Personal Information:


The kinds of Personal Information that FoodLab collects and holds


How and the purposes for which FoodLab collects, holds and uses Personal Information


Who FoodLab discloses Personal Information to


How an individual may access Personal Information about the individual that is held by FoodLab and seek the correction of such information


How an individual may complain about a privacy issue or alleged breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and how FoodLab will deal with such a complaint


Whether FoodLab is likely to disclose Personal Information to overseas recipients

What personal information FoodLab collects, from whom and the purpose for the collection?

FoodLab will only collect Personal Information that is necessary for its functions and activities. It will only collect Personal Information by lawful and fair means and not in an obtrusive way. FoodLab collects and holds different categories of information depending on the engagement we have with you. The following types of Personal Information may be collected:


Information about FoodLab’s catering and retail customers. FoodLab collects information from customers to facilitate the delivery of good and services. This information may include their name, organisation, email address, phone, address for billing and delivery of goods and credit card information. FoodLab does not store credit card information, it is sent to a third party for payment processing.


Information about FoodLab’s Contractors and Suppliers. FoodLab collects, directly from our contractors and suppliers, Personal Information about our contractors and suppliers. This Personal Information will include their name and contact details so that we can contact them. For workplace health and safety reasons we may also collect from contractors certain Sensitive Information; for example, medical information a contractor has provided us about any injuries they may currently suffer.


From third parties, we may also collect feedback and information relating to our contractors and suppliers’ performance of services for FoodLab. This information is collected solely so that we can monitor our contractors and suppliers’ performance of services and ensure that we provide the highest quality products and services to our customers.


Information about participant and volunteer applications. If you apply as a participant or volunteer at FoodLab we may collect Personal Information including your name, contact details and any information that you have provided us as part of your application. For participants, this also includes collecting bank account and credit card details as part of the program. This may include information from your CV, driver’s licence or passport. For participant applications, if your application progresses to further rounds we may collect sensitive information about you including medical information. This information is strictly for reporting reasons and workplace health and safety reasons. We may also collect from third parties you have identified in your application Personal Information relating to you. This information is solely used for the purposes of determining your suitability for the program. Or where permission is expressly provided for other suitable programs.


Information about donors. When you become a donor, we may collect Personal Information from you which is relevant for the engagement. This may or may not include such personal information as your name, contact details, bank account and credit card details.


All Personal Information collected by FoodLab is solely used to achieve our Purpose. It may be used as follows:


  • To facilitate billing and order fulfilment

  • To provide you with information in relation to our programs, events, or other engagement opportunities that you may have requested

  • To streamline and personalise your experience while dealing with FoodLab

  • To undertake satisfaction surveys and to tailor FoodLab information to improve our offerings and enhance your experience

  • Your image, video and sound recordings for promotional and marketing and reporting purposes

  • Survey and questionnaire responses to improve our services, systems and processes in case of emergencies


Occasionally, FoodLab uses de-identified Personal Information derived from our donors and participants in order to provide FoodLab with anonymous demographic and usage information. FoodLab will then use this anonymous, aggregated information to develop new and/or more appropriate services and support.

Quality Of Personal Information

FoodLab will ensure, to the extent reasonably possible, that Personal Information collected (may be in hard copy form or electronic form), used or disclosed is accurate, up-to-date, complete and relevant. If FoodLab becomes aware that any of the Personal Information it holds is inaccurate it will take prompt steps to update its records so that those records are correct.

Anonymity And Pseudonymity

Due to the nature of the services that FoodLab provides, in most situations it will be impracticable for an individual to deal with us on an anonymous basis. However, FoodLab will consider requests on a case by case basis. An example of a situation where FoodLab might permit an individual to deal with us anonymously or through the use of a pseudonym is when an individual is making an enquiry about our services or program opportunities or if an individual makes a donation on an anonymous basis.

Data Security

FoodLab takes active measures to ensure the security of Personal Information (both hard copy form and electronic form), it holds from misuse, interference, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.


All Personal Information (both hard copy form and electronic form) is stored securely.  Electronic Personal Information is stored using the highest quality data management and IT security systems and controls including passwords with two-factor authentication wherever possible, and firewalls.


When we no longer require your Personal Information it is securely destroyed and disposed of.

Direct Marketing

FoodLab will only engage in direct marketing practices in accordance with the law.


FoodLab may dispatch marketing communications by electronic messages (eg: email), online (eg: websites and apps) and other means, unless you opt out or we are subject to legal restrictions. These may include communications relating to FoodLab and its programs, educational and fundraising campaigns and promotional messages, event invitations and newsletters.


At any time, an individual or organisation may click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any communications, or if not available contact to request they no longer receive any marketing material or information from FoodLab.

Third Party Disclosure

Your personal information may be provided to organisations and/or third parties that may include the following:


  • A government agency, as required by law

  • Third party service providers who assist us with the delivery of services or who provide services to or partner with us to enable us to deliver services, or in undertaking quality assurance of our services

  • Third party service providers who assist us with fundraising activities or strategy or in analysis of our fundraising activities, strategy or patterns

  • Third parties who assist us with the coordination of volunteers, community activities and advocacy

  • Third parties who collate and/or analyse information for the purposes of research and advocacy

  • Third parties for the electronic storage of information, some of which may be overseas

Whilst we seek to ensure through our contracts with external parties that they comply with the Act regarding the use of your personal information, we have limited control over how some external parties (for example, government agencies) use your personal information.

Website Browsing

Accessing FoodLab’s websites will result in some information being logged including the time of access, your IP address and the pages that have been viewed or accessed. This data is strictly used for general purposes of site improvement, experience and optimisation.


FoodLab’s websites may contain links to external websites. FoodLab is not responsible for the content or privacy policies that govern these websites.

Mandatory Notifiable Data Breaches

We will comply with the notification and other requirements of the Act where your personal information held by us has been inadvertently lost or disclosed or improperly accessed and that loss, disclosure or access may result in serious harm to you.


As above, if you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact us by email using the details provided at the top.

Last updated: 28 July 2023

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