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Our mission is to help food entrepreneurs with high barriers to entry grow and formalise their businesses.

Let's talk about the impact that we have had so far.

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“FoodLab has been my biggest support to date. It is because of FoodLab that I keep going, I have had more confidence and happiness than ever. I’ve always wanted to recreate my dad’s dishes that I loved so much, and I just needed some guidance to do it.”

- Malar, founder of Sangee's Kitchen

Our Impact


food businesses incubated through the program.


of participant revenue directly from FoodLab opportunities

in 2022.


of pro bono support provided in 2022.


new jobs created in 2022.

technical assistance hours in 2022.


of participants feel more empowered as a business owner, and feel part of an inclusive community.*

*Source: FoodLab Sydney Cohort 7 Survey (2022). All revenue that entrepreneurs make through FoodLab opportunities per quarter is tracked through careful and sensitive consultation with participants. 


Supporting diverse food entrepreneurs

While many incubators prioritise business launch, FoodLab takes the long road. Systemic racism and gender and income inequality must be addressed with a deep investment in those who’ve been excluded from the formal economy.


Since 2019, we have supported the launch and growth of 29 food businesses. In 2022, 90% of the cohort comes from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and 50% are female. 

Getting to meet others in the food industry who share that passion for food is something I haven’t experienced before. I’m really excited to finally showcase a brand that I am proud of, because I just didn’t have the connections to do it myself."

- Alick, founder of African Food Feasts

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