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Chef Trav Harvey

About the Chef

Trav started cooking in the kitchens of Canberra, training at hatted restaurants Ottoman, Aubergine and Atlantic. He then spent ten years working around the globe, from Dublin to the UK, Canada, Mexico and beyond from fine dining establishments in downtown Vancouver to bakeries in the Mayan villages and coffee farms of Guatemala.


He returned to Australia and became a Food Advisor for SBS, returning to Mexico to shoot a ten episode series on Mexican food. In 2011, Trav became the Executive Chef of OzHarvest and spent the next 10 years working in sustainability and specialising in zero waste cooking.


During his time at OzHarvest, he created two acclaimed pop-up restaurants, the OzHarvest Food Truck, and built a restaurant in collaboration with Massimo Bottura. During the pandemic, he oversaw the production of 700,000 meals distributed free to people affected by COVID. He also once cooked with the Cookie Monster, which made his kids think he was cool.

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