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We further our impact when we collaborate with others.  

A growing community of food businesses and business services have been collaborating with us since 2019, and we believe this community, coming together, is the heart of FoodLab Sydney.

Becoming a FoodLab Mentor

We have over 80 mentors involved in supporting the program and our food entrepreneurs. If you share our values and our vision, we would love you to consider supporting our entrepreneurs as well.

Mentors guide, cajole, connect, brainstorm, challenge and encourage our entrepreneurs who are diving into the unknown, often for the first time. They also can use their expertise (marketing, web design, legal services) to support different aspects of participant businesses.

Mentors have an interest and willingness to share their knowledge and give their time to our entrepreneurs through a variety of ways that is dependent on their own time commitments. 


I'm humbled to a mentor in the FoodLab program. FoodLab’s approach gives people the confidence and tools to help them take the leap to start their food business. This support helps answer their questions, save them from mistakes and time, connects them to contacts within the industry and helps support their creativity. FoodLab mentors offer a real insight into what to expect on the journey within the food industry.

Merna Taouk, Founder of Crumpets by Merna

Why Mentor at FoodLab Sydney?

We love working with mentors who have a genuine love for giving back to their local food community and supporting people who need it the most. However, there are a number of other benefits that comes with mentoring at FoodLab:

  • build your leadership skills by reflecting on your own career learnings, achievements and milestones

  • get exposure to fresh ideas, new perspectives and different cultures

  • increase your professional networks through students in the program and other mentors

  • become a part of the FoodLab Sydney community and receive invitations to skillshare events, kitchen days and other opportunities

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